Before & Afterschool Club

Breakfast Club

Children and welcome to come and join us for breakfast – a great start to the school day with relaxing activities

Monday – Comic Club.

The children can put down the adventures of the weekend into the form of a comic on paper giving them the chance to draw and write after a healthy breakfast with friends, capturing your child’s imagination on paper.

Tuesday – Colouring Club

With choices of the children’s favourite superheroes to mindfulness colouring sheets available for the children to enjoy.

Wednesday – Puzzle Club

A great way to get the mind working is a jigsaw puzzle. With plenty of choice for all ages the children will have a jigsaw each. If the children prefer puzzle sheets will also be available.

Thursday – Lego Club

Each child will have a small selection of Lego to build and create their own masterpiece.

Friday – Craft Club

Each child with have a craft project they can enjoy after breakfast, from to creating scarecrows with lolly pop sticks to making stained glass effect window art there will be something fun for the children to create and bring home.

Breakfast club runs Monday to Friday from 8am until 8.50am at the cost of £3 per session.  During this time the children can have breakfast (toast and/or cereal) enjoying time with their friends.

If you would like your child to join us for breakfast, please speak to Ms Maitchell – all bookings through the school office please either by phone, in person or by email to Mrs Coates at

After School Club  Welcome everyone!

Welcome to After School Club! This term we are going to be doing some very exciting things.

Monday – Yoga Club

Making Yoga and Mindfulness fun!

Tuesday – Gardening Club

From preparing the ground for the seeds to watching them gown and finally enjoying the delicious fruits.  The children will partake in a variety of activities around gardening.

Wednesday – Arts and Crafts Club

Drawing styles, bead work, Origami – you name it we will be exploring and learning lots of new and exciting art and craft activities this term

Thursday – Film Club

After a busy week in school it’s time to sit back and enjoy a film with school friends at Thursday Film Club. With a huge choice of films available and the children each getting a chance to choose which one to watch on weekly basis.

If you have any queries or would like your child to come to one of our fun After School sessions, do not hesitate to contact myself or Mrs Karen Coates in the office. The cost is £5 per hour.

Miss Maitchell.