Leadership Team

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More Staff:

Teaching Staff

More Staff:

Support Staff – Teaching Assistants

More Staff:

Catering Staff

Facilities Management

Executive Headteacher Mrs Helen Dudman
Teaching Staff
Class 1 Miss Rebecca Verity
Class 2 Mrs Kellie Harris
Class 3 Mr Andrew Weighman
Administrator Mrs Karen Coates
Teaching Assistants
Class 1 Mrs Joan Farrow
  Mrs Sue Allan-Hooks
 Class 2  Mrs Jen Percival
 Class 3 Mrs Tracey Kirby
  Ms Nadja Lawrence
Out of School Club Staff Ms Emma Maitchell
Peripatetic Music Staff
Violin and Piano Mrs Vanessa Jameson
Woodwind Mrs Su Evans
Premises Staff Mrs Sue Alston
Catering Staff  Mrs Jane Butler
Midday Supervisors Mrs Jen Percival
Mrs Tracey Kirby
  Mrs Sue Allan-Hooks

Wider opening of school to Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 from Thursday 4th June

Keyworkers children continue to be accommodated for with prior booking via

See Letters Page for full details on drop off, pick up and the school day.

Please contact the school office if you have any queries at