Art and Design

The Creative Arts are a real strength of our school.  At Barton Church of England Primary School, children are encouraged to develop their creativity and imagination through the expressive arts. We believe that Art and Design is a key form of communication for children and one that can be accessed through cross curricular methods. We provide children with the opportunities to explore the world at first hand. Giving them real experiences of actual things they can see, hear, touch and feel. Our aim is for children to become confident in using tools and materials to express their emotions.
Our aim in Design Technology is for our children to produce practical solutions to real problems, through a creative curriculum. In Reception and Key Stage One, activities enable children to talk about how things work, and to draw and model their ideas. In KS2, teachers build on these skills by exploring attitudes towards the changing world and how we live and work within it and seek to develop an understanding of technological processes, products and their contribution to our society. Every year Class 3 have the opportunity to work with Engineers from Cummins to design and build a battery operated car and race it at Croft Circuit – building problem solvers and engineers of the future!
Music plays an important role in school life, whether it is being listened to, moved to, or performed. All the children take part in music and singing activities within school as part of the curriculum. They also enjoy the opportunity to join in creative experiences through enrichment activities, such as choir, dance club, art through maths club and drama club.  Each child in Year 4 – 6 gets the opportunity to learn a musical instrument in a weekly music lesson.  This year the children are learning to play a variety of woodwind instruments. In addition, high-quality peripatetic music teachers provide instrumental tuition for small groups and individuals, for which there is a charge. Each year, every child in the school gets the opportunity to perform in a high-quality musical performance.

The school employs a specialist dance teacher to teach dance across the school. Extensive research tells us that dance has a significant part to play in supporting and improving health and wellbeing. Some children with poor mental health and emotional wellbeing find it hard to express their feelings. Through the use of dance at Barton they are given a vehicle to express and communicate their feelings. The impact of this approach to learning has had a significant impact on supporting vulnerable children’s resilience and emotional wellbeing. Through dance projects you can see the children ‘grow.’ The dance experiences have culminated in performing to an authentic audience in school and in church.

Art Progression Map

DT Progression Map

Music Progression Map