Eco Schools

Barton Church of England Primary School pupils are passionate about their environment and what we can do to protect and preserve it.

We have a dedicated team of Eco Warriors consisting of two Eco Chiefs (current Year 6 children) and 2/3 Eco Warriors (current Year 4/5 children).

Their role is to ensure that as a school we are as environmentally conscious as we can possibly be.

They oversee all of the recycling in school and work closely with our local council to ensure that it is all collected regularly.  The Eco Team ensure that each white recycling bin in our school is emptied every lunchtime and all recycling is ready for council collection.

We routinely participate in the Salvation Army’s recycling scheme Recycle With Michael, whereby our families are encouraged to recycle all unwanted clothing and bedding.

At Christmas, instead of sending Christmas cards, our children are supported to participate in a Santa Sack scheme and donate much needed items to a local charity.